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About Epic Recruitment


Epic Recruitment Services (ERS) is One of a select few UAE government-registered and approved recruitment companies; with over 20 years of expertise in Recruitment in GCC.

Services offered through ERS include temporary, permanent and contract recruiting, sponsorship, and HR & payroll management of senior managers, executives, professionals of all levels, in addition to laborers, semi-skilled, skilled and specialist workforce personnel, all in strict accordance with country-of- origin labor laws as well as the local labor laws in performance locations.

Why Us

Why is ERS the right partner for employers?
We run a robust & trustworthy recruitment platform for both clients & candidates

Quick hiring process timeline

Our access to a widespread pool of talents database globally of skilled and highly qualified pre-appraised candidates and to multitask workforces ready to start working for you is enabling us to provide our clients with their requirement in a timely manner.

Cost-effective Direct hire & Contract hire

We provide customized &  cost-effective recruitment solutions as per your needs; Full Time, Partial Time &  temporary professionals to increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs with a preferential rate. No cost until you hire.

Flexible staffing solutions & services

Whether you need one staff member or an entire team, our comprehensive business systems and core team of specialists are already in place, ready to commence mobilization activities & trainings. Privileged being part of an Integrated group of Companies getting the priority in regard to operational support & life Support, lodging, catering & transportation solutions, typing center and travel agency.

Customer Relations

We value our customers as our partners; dedicated to providing premium customer service, working closely with our clients on all steps of their recruitment process ensuring they are happy with their hiring experience ERS provides organizations with the freedom, flexibility, and confidence to concentrate on their core business objectives. And uses cutting-edge technology and its talent for matching job seekers profile and wishes with the most fitting positions.

Our Group