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Our Services

ERS has HR, Recruitment Consultancy and Labor law expertise, structure & flexibility, besides strong global network to support your business

HR & Payroll Support

Providing Human Capital Services & Payroll Support, we are handling the HR duties from A to Z with a secure, accurate, and reliable process together with an extended time management focus

  • Drafting Employment contracts
  • Handling complex payroll process
  • Generating Pay slips & Salary Certificates
  • Processing payment duties from end-to-end

  • Managing attendance & absence practices
  •  Staff Travel Management
  • Planning & Scheduling employees work time- Rotation replacement
  • Assisting in drafting Company Policies and procedures
  • Staff Mobilization
  • Assessing new recruit progress based on recruiter feedback
  • Calculating End of service and gratuity payments
  •  Assist in restructuring and redundancy process
  •  Providing HR Services Portal access to employees

Direct hire Services

Assisting in hiring process, screening and selecting the best & qualified Talents in accordance with your needs & Budget

Sponsorship Solutions

Administrative assistance providing a hassle-free solution “Sponsorship services” allowing our valuable clients saving their time and effort and mainly focusing on their business development while complying with all legal and regulatory labor necessities

Over 4000 Employees under our Sponsorship Continuously in the last 10 Years

Part Time Job Solutions

  • Subcontract for Part Time job for any specific talents tailored to your needs
  • Administration Management: Personal  &Executive Assistants –Travel Coordinators -Accounting & Billing Officers – Procurement…
  • Adds on Services: Special Events Crew &VIP Protocol Assistants

Your employees our visa

Operation Support Solutions

  • Staff Transportation
  • Lodging provision of Short term and long-term accommodation solutions
  • Catering
  • CRM – Seminars & Training organisation